In 1994, through poetry, Fatiha discovered calligraphy and perfected since, through various courses, including "Le Printemps des écritures" in Bourg-en-Bresse and also through exhibitions.

Fatiha leads also some school workshop to initiate pupils to the art of Calligraphy. She makes some greetings cards for Christmas, birthdays and other projects from 10 years. She also proposes intiations during summer time. If you are interested, please contact her.

The approach
The calligraphy...

"It is the art of making beautiful letters and at the same time this ingenious art of paint the floor and speak to the eyes ". William Shakespeare

It became a passion because through the words and forms pass messages, real treasures of courage and joy, happiness, tenderness and infinite other emotions...
By the play of letters we share all this without really realizing it.

Greetings cards sale

Fatiha offers throughout the year and especially for New Year's greetings, very original and colorfulcards, mixing closely calligraphy and drawing.