History of The Grenier à Sel

Le Grenier à Sel (Salt attics), created on 1342, are warehouses for gabelle salt

The Grenier à Sel of Pérouges is one of the highest houses in the city. It plays the role of taxs collector on salt during a long period. A that times, the salt was very important because it allowed the food preservation.

"La Gabelle", unpopular and unfair tax pushed people to the smuggling of salt.

La "chaise à sel" (The salt chair)

To preserve from moisture, a wooden chest, near the chimney is the most suitable recipent. This chest is a the origin of the invention of the chair. Moreover, this chair is always the one of the grand mother who, due to her large dress, could hide the whole box part.
The "gabelou" (customs agent at that time), probably by gallantry didn't want to disturb the old woman, neglecting by this way to check the furniture.

Source : Wikipédia

The Grenier à Sel has, in his north side, his walkway from where you can admire the close nature. On the West face, a mullioned window (fenêtre à meneaux) looks onto the "rue des Rondes", part of the "Porte d'En-Bas" neighborhood.

          windows meneaux